West Coast Nights

West Coast Nights (2015) is the debut album from Vancouver, BC Jazz duo Flock & Hopson.  Featuring beautiful melodies and smooth grooves, this is an instrumental jazz album produced with a pop aesthetic. Easy listening with a distinctly West Coast flavour!

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Thank you for the hard work and honest emotion you put into your music.  The effort matters, and is appreciated.  WEST COAST NIGHTS is a flawless gem, and you are a distinguished member of the brotherhood of breath.  I look forward to your next.  To your next dozen.  You put it down, I’ll pick it up.’

- Spider Robinson, Hugo Award-winning author

‘Congrats on an absolutely wonderful set.....never boring... really nice and vocal solos - and generous and clear balances...’

-Jeremy Berkman, principal trombone, Vancouver Opera Orchestra


New from Rocky Mountain Alphorns is a landmark father/son Alphorn album. ‘Generations’ honours the rich history of the instrument, while looking toward its bright future. This is a must-listen project for both Alphorn aficionados and music lovers in general!

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Original sheet music from the album is also available:

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